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and god created woman

Around three years ago analysts said that ready to wear made up approximately five percent of Louis Vuitton’s annual sales. When I first read that, I thought, what a small number for such amazing pieces showcased in amazing shows. Needless to say, the fact that Marc Jacobs is one of the most profitable designers out there makes the figure look almost accidental or mistaken. On a second thought, fashion shows for Louis Vuitton mainly seek to promote the designer and brand’s image, propelling sales of its leather goods to white collar and gold collar consumers (and those in between).

But everything about this season’s collection – from Marc talk to model talk – is being discussed online. Fashion bloggers are tweeting up a storm worldwide.

Not only has the silhouette, the model’s bodies, and the style attracted every one’s attention, but the elegantly styled outfits and womanly shapes are bound to send accessories sales soaring, if not for that of ready to wear as well.

Marc Jacobs has really created a truly wearable collection this season. These looks are for keeps. Even if the silhouette may not be for every woman, at least it may send a small message to H&M to manufacture tops with more bosom space for feminine figures. Yes, woman was a central theme to this collection, but above all, beauty reigned.

On a lighter note, observe Bernard Arnault’s expression. What a CEO – so fixated on the art.

(Images: Style.com)


nouvelle belle du jour

Paris, sex in the afternoon, patent trenches, glossy sunglasses, blonde-blonde-blonde hair.

Just a few things that come to mind when one says “Belle de Jour”, the 1967 film starring Catherine Deneuve as the sexually frustrated housewife who moonlights as a prostitute by day.

The great Yves Saint Laurent was responsible for some of Deneuve’s most inspiring onscreen looks.

Here’s a fashion remake of “Belle du Jour” via Fall Fashion Week.


Giambattista Valli




Collette Dinnigan

(Images: Style.com)