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Icons & Muses: Audrey Hepburn off the set

Hailed as one of the most beautiful women Hollywood ever laid eyes on, Audrey Hepburn was stylish and graceful both on and off the set. Her iconic look has been a reminder of the longevity of sophistication. Her opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s defined the classic LBD and her ball gown in Sabrina (paired with the pixie haircut) remains one of Hollywood’s finest on-screen fashion moments. Hepburn’s cool gamine chic off the set is a timeless look that still inspires us today.


Audrey Hepburn: life after film

Audrey Hepburn’s greatest legacy is possibly not the graceful imprint left on the history of the silver screen, but her work with UNICEF towards the latter years of her life in the 1980s. Her premature passing in 1993 from abdominal cancer after years of philanthropic work took away one of the most iconic Goodwill Ambassadors ever to work with UNICEF. Here’s a peek into Hepburn’s style after a luminous career in film.

Icons & Muses: Audrey Hepburn in film

The word gamine never sounds quite so beautiful and elegant as it is when applied to the description of actress, philanthropist and longtime muse to Hubert de Givenchy Audrey Hepburn. The two began a lifelong friendship and professional collaboration with the 1954 classic Sabrina (in which Givenchy was not credited as famed Hollywood costumer Edith Head refused to be co-designers but subsequently won an Oscar for the collaboration). From dreamy ball gowns, chic LBDs, to playful 60s mod style, no other duo created fashion moments quite like Hepburn and Givenchy. Here’s a taste of their iconic collaboration on the silver screen from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, Charade, How to Steal a Million, Funny Face, and Paris When It Sizzles.

speedy changes

The 2010 Fall collection at Louis Vuitton displayed pretty pairings of womanly frocks and sweet twists on the shape of its Speedy handbag, a Monogram Canvas classic.

(Images: Style.com)

The Speedy, a handbag version of the classic Keepall, is a remarkably versatile piece from Louis Vuitton first introduced in 1932. Over the years, the company has continued to launch new versions of the Speedy in various materials (Epi leather lovers, anyone?) and colors (or should I say art? Think Murakami). A step up from the plethora of small leather goods Louis Vuitton offers, the Speedy is an instant step into the fantastical world of luxury and high fashion. Prices for the Monogram Canvas line (of which the bag was first introduced in) range from $665 to$ 740, in four different sizes, making it a rather affordable piece of luxury. With Louis Vuitton’s latest Mon Monogram feature, your Speedy can be customized with your own choice of colors, stripes, initials, etc. at $940 for a Speedy 25.

Louis Vuitton’s website promotes the Speedy as one of its Essentials for women. Though a lifelong devotee to the house and designs of Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn was widely photographed with her Speedy.

As a teenager, I saved up my modest allowance over a year or two and purchased a Speedy 25 for my mother as a Mother’s Day gift. In college, my mother gifted a Speedy 35 to me as a reward for my academic excellence in school. Today, the Speedy is the bag I return to constantly for its simplicity in design and spaciousness. The leather handles on my mother’s Speedy have worn into a beautiful, luscious mahogany shine while mine have developed a shameful grayish stain from (over)use. I love this bag so much that when the handles finally turn charcoal I will dutifully bring it to the store and get the handles replaced.