Vintage: Richardson, Alt, & Kass for Vogue Paris

Bikes, leather, and miniskirts.

Chunky gold jewelry, cropped tweed jackets, and Chanel handbags.

Modern day Parisian chic.

In my last post I mentioned how the Testino/Sauvé/Werbowy “Americans in Paris” shoot from the May issue of American Vogue looked to me like the American Vogue interpretation of Parisian chic. Well, here’s a look at the 2006 Vogue Paris spread shot by Terry Richardson, styled by Emmanuelle Alt, and modeled by Carmen Kass. The setting is historic grandeur and the style is luxurious hipster chic. Alt’s personal look and professional style is all over these photos.


5 responses to “Vintage: Richardson, Alt, & Kass for Vogue Paris

  1. OMG these outfits on her are soooo gorgeous!!! I wish I could walk around like that… lol IF I was a woman that is. I usually don’t give gold much thought, especially with black, but I guess some people can definitely pull it off~

  2. This spread really changed the way I look at gold jewelry. Gold looks incredibly chic in the photos. It also says a lot that this was shot in 2006. Four years later, all the outfits still look amazing.

  3. I LOVE outfit #5, with the abounding gold-toned jewelry and lovely strong watch. Number 8 is a stunner too…wait… they ALL are!

    xoxoxo lauren

    • I love the choice of gold jewelry for that outfit….the chunky classic Rolex paired with gold Chanel ‘quilted’ bangles….and classic Cartier ones on the other…

      don’t you just love Vogue Paris?

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Haha! No, thank you! Your posts are awesome and yes… I do love Vogue Paris

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